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The origin of the THERMO GAS plate heat exchanger is located in the pure air-conditioning technics. During the first manufacturing
process, the plates were assembled by means of a "clip-process", without obtaining a separation of 100% of both air-currents. This, of course, was not yet compulsory for the applications.
In the course of the development, the next step to improve the plate tightness, consisted in cementing the plate ends in a plastic compound. The result was a complete tightening and an absolute ´
separation of the two gas-currents. Over the years it became obvious, owing to increasing requirements, that this kind of tightness has its limits at higher temperatures.
Afterwards, the entire welded plate heat exchanger was developed and manufactured. This is a plate heat-exchanger made from died alloy steel sheets ( material 1.4301 ) with a thickness of 0.3 mm. The great advantage of this construction is that it stows a verybig transfer surface in a relatively small volume.

Volume of a plate packet: 1 m³
Possible area of heat transfer surface: 130-230 m²

The transfer surface depends on the plate spacing. The spacing may be, according to the flow, between 4 and 7 mm. The necessary plate spacing is obtained by adjusting the depth on the die set in advance. Owing to this process, the plate heat exchanger gets a self-supporting structure. Furthermore, because of the died plates, an increased turbulence occurs in the gas-current, resulting a better heat transfer.

Further advantages beside the small construction volume of this plate heat exchanger are:

  • complete seperation of the two gas flows
  • simple making mode
  • easy cleaning through maintenance flaps or spraying device
    (if necessary)
  • taking of big volume flows
  • important weight saving compared with otherconstructive types
    with an equal transfer area (i.e. tube-bundle heat exchanger)
  • easy installing in any canal shape owing to special adjusted

Here is again a short summary of technical characteristics of the plate heat exchanger THERMO-GAS:

  • folded and welded transfer surfaceplate thickness: 0.3 mm,
  • plate width: 914 mm
  • material: 1.4031 (plates) and 1.4301 respective 1.4571 (cases)
  • heat recovery factor possible until 85%
  • max. working temperature: 600 C
  • max. working over-pressure: approx. 150 mbar
  • plate spacing: 3.5 - 7 mm
  • four possible current lines (U, K, L, LU) (fig.4)

Based on the multitude of possible applications, the plate heat exchanger THEMO-GAS represents an interesting alternative to other constructive types.

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