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Plate heat-exchanger - Examples

Plate heat exchanger air-air 860m²

Technical specification
manufactured: 2015
Transfer area: 860m²
carrying capacity: 508kW
heating degree: 44% (to max. 85%)
annual profit: 193.000,00€

Plate heat exchanger with 2 SKS

Technical specification
Phe L with variable area
manufactured: 2014
Tranfer area: 1,5m² – 5,8m²
carrying capacity: 0,0kW – 3,5kW
heating degree: 52% – 86%
annual profit: 0,00€ – 2.271€

PHE type L inclusive canal adapters and support brackets

Technical specification
manufactured: 2012
Transfer area: 190m²
carrying capacity: 317,5kW
heating degree: 75,0%
annual profit: 126.412€

PHE type LU installed in a tank degassing system

Technical specification
manufractured: 2005
Transfer area: 18m²
carring capacity: 35,3 kW
heating degree: 76,1%

PHE 147m² with transition

Technical specification
Plate heat exchanger Valve

manufactured: 10 / 2016 DK typ: T DN 300
Transfer area: 147m² manufactured: 10 / 2016
carrying capacity: 170,5kW – 351,9kW max. temperature: 300°C
heating degree: 36,4% – 64,7% pressure: 0,5 bar
annual profit: 109.605€ – 225.231€ drive: Festo

PHE type K inclusive canal adapters and support brackets

Technical specification
manufactured: 2007
Transfer area: 76m²
carrying capacity: 121,9kW
heating degree: 64%

Phe 240m² combined with a rotary valve

Technical specifaction
Plate heat exchanger Valve

manufacture: 05 / 2013 DK type: T
max. Temperature: 150°C manufactured: 05 / 2013
carrying capacity: 160kW max. Temperature: 300°C
heating degree: 56% pressure: 0,5 bar
annual profit: 100.000,00€ Valve drive: END New 052100

Special Feature:In the heat exchanger is rotary valve typ T whose end Position switch is mounted externally on the lower side opposite the drives.