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Manufacturing Possibilities

Feel free to submit any inquiries regarding ALLOY STAINLESS STEEL components which have not been specified on the website.
Our parts from ALLOY STAINLESS STEEL are processed after competition thorough: glass-pearl blasting, pickling or chemical polishing.
We produce apparatus and equipment components according to customer drawings, as i.e.:

  • Aspiration and blowing off towers
  • Pipes for processing air from 125 mm on (gas tight, hydraulic hammer proof)
  • Admission and exhaust air canals
  • Shaped parts and machine parts
  • Roof passages
  • Deflector hoods
  • Weather, Front and Bird protection
  • Gilled pipe heat-exchangers
  • Carrying constructions, platforms and consoles

Machine and equipment components for:

  • Air cleaners
  • Cyclones
  • Mud driers
  • Biological exhaust air purification
  • Sprinkling systems
  • Dosage of chemicals
  • Preparation containers
  • Setting off containers
  • Rolls
  • Air jet cleaners
  • Clarifying plants
  • Chemical industry
  • Thermal exhaust air purification
  • Feeding salt dosage
  • Storage vessels
  • Agitator containers
  • Equipment parts
  • Net band chains