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Technical description

The references apply to all introduced structural shapes! The drawings only illustrate all possible structural shapes.

Flexible construction
The plate heat exchanger THERMO-GAS is manufactured according to customer-requirements and as a single-item or small-lot production. Therefore, different flow ducts as well as particular connections are possible. Furthermore, two to three devices may be combined in one housing.
High-quality materials
The housing and the energy transferring surfaces of the THERMO-GAS plate heat exchanger are made of stainless steel. The heat exchanger is entriely welded. Therefore, the heat exchanger does not need any sealing. The material is selected according to requirements. Temperatures above 600°C and acid resistance are feasible.
Economically efficient
The plate heat exchanger THERMO-GAS is a compact and lightweight heat exchanger without movable parts. THERMO-GAS guarantees a high degree of efficiency at all applications where waste heat shall be recovered.
In times of continuously increasing energy costs, the result is a very short capital payback period.
Complete separation of air flows
The plate heat exchanger THERMO-GAS consists of a structered and folded metal sheet in a housing. Thus, two separated spaces with a maximum separating surface are created. The air flows in opposite directions and very close to each other. A mixing of air is impossible.
Operating pressures of up to 150 mbar (standard) and up to 250 mbar (custom-made product) are permitted.