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Thermotec - The Company

Thermotec GmbH has supplied quality products from ALLOY STEEL-STAINLESS or two decades.

Thermotec GmbH is an enterprise active in apparatus and mechanical engineering. The domain of heat recovery is our primary pursuit. Our manufacturing emphasizes plate heat-exchangers for heat exchange between two gas flows. A further emphasis lies in the production of three-way processing air-flaps.

Besides this main field we have a whole range of other products, which are developed, designed and manufactured by us. We manufacture almost exclusively using ALLOY STEEL- STAINLESS, preferably materials 1.4301, 1.4306, 1.4541, 1.4571 but also other alloy steel grades.

With our current available production area of 1740 sq m, partially CNC-equipped machines, PC-equipped working places, CAD-equipped design places, practiced quality assurance and certified preparation according to ISO 9002, we are always a nose length ahead of the competition.

Thermotec-products, Thermotec-components and Thermotec-services are used in many countries over all five continents. Quality is always a priority of our industrial goods, and fully state of art. A quality at which we can be measured...